Contempo theme featured post error solution!

 Contempo Theme- How to remove the error of featured posts on all the post pages?

In the Contempo Blogger theme, any previous removal of this Featured Posts gadget is the real cause of this problem by automatic deletion from theme html. As a result, this post snippet will appear at the top of all your pages! This is somewhat worthless repetition. So, we should avoid that error.

Here is the solution-

1.Go to Blogger left sidebar ‘Theme’ and click

2. Then, click on edit HTML of your blogger Contempo theme

Now, full HTML code page is displayed

3. At the top line, press Ctrl + F key together, then type- id=’Featured’

Now, the position of the featured post will be highlighted.

4. The line error will look like-

<b:widget id=’Featured post1…..

5. Type some code after the widget, the correct single line is

<b:widget cond=’data:view.isHomepage’ id=’Featured post1….

6. Click save

If ok, then display as -update successfully!

The position of featured post in edit html can also be found with jump to featured post gadget by clicking top right side star like icon.



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