Print books Vs Digital eBooks

Why Malayalam eBooks are better than print books?

1. Fast reading and availability where there is an internet connection. You can start reading within minutes. Usually purchasing a print book is a difficult task. What will be the travel expense? This is a time consuming process too. Some book-shops have huge shelves and searching for books takes more time. During such trips, another interesting thing is your refreshment with snacks, juice or with heavy hotel food! As a whole, your book price may be double than it’s original price! So, Malayalam digital reading is more economical.

2. My digital books are available with no boundaries and waiting time. When you think of print one, the majority of publishers may have limited circulation within Kerala state. If there is any delay in getting a book, people may cancel that purchase.

3. Digital books are money saving with a low price when compared to print titles. Print publishers have to meet the cost of production, salary of staff, running of the company, marketing and commission to sell. All such steps are not in digitally made things. In a city, book storing space needs huge investment. Competition for quality and high speed printing also demands huge finance. Labour/trade union problems are another headache in Kerala.

4. Digital books are eco-friendly and no tree falls for making paper hence, no pollution as in paper/book production. The Earth is under threat due to air, water pollution. That is why a nature lover should have some affection for digital books. At the time of production, 1 e-book device causes some carbon emission equal to about 15 print books. When downloading thousands of digitals, it saves our nature by avoiding thousands of print books. Nowadays, Canada has decreased pulp and paper production to the world market.

5. You can store thousands of digital books in devices like smart phone, laptop, desktop, tablet and e-Reader. Painting your room or house shifting with heavy book shelves is a tough job. At the time of travelling in a bus or train, your bag may be full of other materials so that you never carry a book but your smartphone will always be with you! Then, you can start reading within seconds.

6. Space and cost of bookshelves are not applicable to digital libraries. You know that handling a bookshelf is not an easy thing due to weight. Steel as well as wooden furniture is expensive. Sometimes, the shape and structure of the book shelf will not be a suitable one.

7. Old print books can cause allergy diseases due to fungus, bacteria, virus, worms etc. Here also, screen reading services are great. Normally more than ten year old books are a good source of allergens. Frequent reading of the same book reduces such risk due to air circulation through pages but with a number of books, no save at all. If any family members have lung disease like asthma, don’t open your bookshelves!

8. A person having eye vision problems, digital one can zoom or brighten as a support to easy reading. Even in a dark room, normal reading is possible. Some people have their likes and dislikes when reading. In order to make a fine digital reading experience, it can offer selection of font type, size, book mark, search inside for a specific word and more.

9. Writers get more royalty from digital titles than print books due to low production cost. Normal print publisher brings about seven to ten percent of royalty to print books. Sometimes, book printing is delayed due to more submissions of manuscripts from different authors, resulting in a long waiting period. Usually VIP authors or people having any type of influence can overtake other authors. A few publishers in India are just like cunning fox- increased edition and number of copies without informing the author to save royalty payment. Moreover, fake sales reports can be expected there. We can reduce such things with this electronic method.

10. Have you ever noticed the errors in concept, idea, meaning and spelling of print books? It is not possible to correct after its sale. Writers can edit or cancel, even after publishing the digital books for the same. One month ago, I purchased a famous Malayalam print book with a correction paper piece sticker on the back cover.

11. Paperless way of reading can contribute much more to reading as a hobby/habit than physical books because a smartphone will be ready on a 24 x 7 basis. When people get free time, it’s a trend that social media or games are on mode and it can have a power to reduce the quality of life. Reading a good book has an add-on feature to your culture and character.

12. These Malayalam digital books are real time helpers for reference or any doubt clearing sessions. When you have an urgent need, practically physical books inside the bookshelf remain as locked knowledge. For example, a teacher can clear doubts of any kind, with a reference e-book of amazing speed. Yes, quick reference is an important feature among digital books.

13. Fast sharing, comments, suggestions, reviews, feedback etc. are some plus points of the Malayalam digital book world. By this way an author can improve his future articles.

14. People of all ages are wasting more time with some bad habits and they neglect moral values and quality of life. This new method can remove such chances and situations of evil thoughts. Remember, a good book is equal to a hundred teachers.

15. Reading and studying of textbooks, reference books, academic books, all these are the real backbone of today’s world growth. Isn’t it? No doubt, book reading is an excellent hobby and one can enjoy life with wisdom. In the evening of life, easy handling of one lightweight eBook reader/tablet/phablet can display thousands of books without any infection of print books.

16. All we know is that the best investment of parents is the education of their children. Being a follower of reading academic as well as other books, each and every child can offer a better world of tomorrow.



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