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Important factors in the digital book purchase are related to some likes and dislikes of its consumers. They prefer the book's subject- 43 percent, author-29%, recommendations or mouth publicity-11%, reading a few pages-5%, title-4%, price-3% and cover-1% etc. 

In 2014, the maximum best seller titles were from Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette and Amazon in order.

As in print publishing, digital world also having a broad category list that mainly classified under fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, there are- novel, short stories, children's books, humor, comedy, inspirational, self help/improvement, literature, screenplays, poetry, romance, comics, stories and more. Likewise, non fiction list shows photography, biography, career guides, entertainment, reference, health, music, parenting, psychology, publishing, family relationship, religion and spirituality, science, nature, sex, travel, essay etc,.

Amazon Kindle's top ten categories have some relevance to today's reading trends. First category is romance, then thriller, mystery, suspense, erotica, romance mystery, paranormal romance, action adventure, historical romance, historic fiction and so on. But, without considering any particular publishers, overall digital purchase comes under the following categories: mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy and romance! Also, famous authors have been influencing the selection criteria before buying one, rather than categories. Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, James Joyce, Nabokov, Dostoevsky, Charles Dickens, Anton Chekhov, Gustave Flaubert, Jane the top list continues.

Remember, India is the third largest English book market in the world! When it comes to Malayalam, my favorite categories are novels, children's books, short stories, self help and references. There are exceptions to this I will admit, but it's something to think about.



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