Different writing styles of electronic books

Ebooks , E-Book, ebook or eBook?

While searching for an English or Malayalam eBook, there is some confusion about its word writing style seen in web pages like "eBook", "ebook", "Ebook" or "e-book". Who is the best one? 

First, you refer to the Oxford Dictionary, here the definition is "e-book- a book that is displayed on a computer screen or an electronic device that is held in the hand, instead of being printed on paper". Merriam-Webster dictionary also supports hyphenation as e-book because this is a combination of two words- electronic and book. Other two famous examples are e-mail and e-reader.

At the same time, World popular digital publishing websites have their own style. Digital books of Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, Sony, Barnes & Noble are followers of eBook style. Microsoft is also in the same way. But Project Gutenberg and Apple iBook have another style as an ebook. Smashwords is representing the Ebook titles.

Anyway, the opinion poll says, eBook is the most beautiful way of expressing digital books! However, it's a true fact that Google search engine shows about 13.6 million search results per month for 'ebook' keywords, because of easy typing.

In case of 'malayalam ebook' keyword search, the number will be more than 118000 where 'ebook Malayalam' can bring nearly 21,000 search results. Here, there is no meaning in the number of searches, but keep in mind the value of trends.



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