How to make a good home library?

 Your amazing home library!

1. The excess number of books was a problem faced by many famous writers. There are those who keep the book in the kitchen when the other rooms are full. You must learn to buy what you want to buy and to push what you want to push.

2. Your library is small in book number and at the same time an invaluable collection. Write down the necessary information in the old books and then discard the book.

3. A close and orderly reading room covered by glass doors will surely inspire you to read better.

4. Keep a number of each book. Each subject should start with at least a hundred number gap. You can start with the same series when you buy a new book. For example, if the short story is a hundred, the novel should start at two hundred.

5. Newspapers and magazines are advertising bags. If you only need four or five pages in it, why you should keep the entire volume? All you have to do is tear out those pages and file back the subject. So you can save space.

6. Never store books in direct dust. Dust and dirt can accumulate in the book and cause allergies in you.

7. Keep bookshelves closed. Otherwise, it will become a hiding place for insects, moths, spiders, rats and termites.

8. Do not drag books back onto the shelves after the reference, as most people do. Store them in closed shelves.

9. Do not place the next line of the book as a load on a book. Adjust the tap to be a single column only. Make sure the columns do not come in. Save time for searching and retrieving.

10. Lightweight processed wood cabinets / wall mounted aluminum shelves can be used for this. Or steel shelves should be sized and made to fit.

11. Shelves with glass are also good. This is because neatly arranged books will inspire you and others to read through the glass.

12. Use small portable shelf units. It will be an easy method than large single unit. 

13. Creating a a digital or physical catalog of all the books will save you a lot of time.

14. A narrower but lengthy table is better. This allows you to easily carry book materials within easy reach.

15. LEDs with low heat, no radiation and low power consumption. Bulbs are also ahead in life. Use such bulbs. Avoid CFL that emitting heat and radiation.

16. Dark and intense light can also be harmful to the eyes. Adjust it to moderation.

17. Table-lamps are convenient in hostels and other places, but in homes the whole room is well lit.

18. Usually some types of work and writers need two tables. For quick things; For regular things. This is because the flow of work is lost when the same table is used for each.

19. The walls of the room are very nice in light blue, green and yellow. Dark colors are not allowed.

20. Keep in mind that the reading room of talented students will also be smart.

21. You may have heard that nectar is poison in excess. The same is true of reading. Marathon reading should be avoided. Do not read for more than three and a half hours alone. It is bad for the eyes, neck and spine.

22. People who spend too much time looking down can get diseases like spondylosis.

23. The book can be raised to the level of the face with something like a writing board for reading. Also, use a reclining chair.

24. Do not use chairs without hand rests.

25. Likewise, sleepy reading and studying can be detrimental to health.

26. Reading for the study should start early in the morning.

27. Recreational reading can be both boring and traveling. Do not read while traveling by bus; Not at all when traveling by road in Kerala! This is because the continuous movement of the elephant tusks will destroy the health of the eye.

28. How many trees does the ax have to fall on to make paper for the book? In addition, there is environmental pollution during the paper manufacturing phase. E-publications can be helpful in counteracting the ill effects of old books and lung diseases. Experts say e-books will dominate the next five years. Whether the book is physical or digital, it is certain that a book gives simultaneous copies of different lives. If the common man wants to live his life well, it is good to know that.



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