Good and bad things of digital books!

 The Pros and Cons of digital books (eBooks)- 50 factors!

The Pros of eBooks

1. eBook price is low when compared to print books.

2. Storage space is not a problem for eBooks. No need for huge bookshelves!

3. eBooks are light weight and portable, so easy to carry. At the same time, handling multiple print books is very bad with travel. Your digital e-reader may have thousands of book storage.

4. Fast access- search for a book, then purchase and download. You can start reading within minutes.

5. You will get super fast information from the seat itself. Time consuming less than a bookshelf.

6. Author or publisher of a digital book can update with the latest information. They can edit or delete any portion.

7. Global outreach of digital books is a very good option for its availability.

8. Digital book library is a good option for schools, colleges and companies. They will save time and money to maintain the print books of the library. Damage or loss is not a problem there.

9. Digital books and devices have a wide range of user friendly approaches. You can opt for the favourite font styles.

10. We can adjust the colour of the font and background based on our likes and mood.

11. Brightness adjustment is a good feature in digital devices. This allows you to adapt with bright daylight, dim daylight and night reading.

12. Large font size adjustment is possible for senior citizens or people with poor eyesight.

13. Book marks are very easy when you return back to reading.

14. If you are unfamiliar with any words or terms, search option is also there.

15. Digital books are well equipped with audio versions of text and that will be a boon while you travel, busy or just before sleep. 

16. Digital devices that may have read aloud feature are designed for the hearing impaired.

17. eBooks have more pictures, photos and videos than print books.

18. Some eBooks have augmented reality technology.

19. Digital book authors will get global exposure. They can publish digital books with international publishers and platforms. So, long waiting with print publishers is also avoided.

20. There is no chance of high printing cost for greedy editors, proof-readers and publishers.

21. Rate of royalty is more among eBooks than print books. Royalty issues are less with digital publishers because no printing, marketing, transportation and sales store commission.

22. Digital reading is something environment conserving activity. No trees to create eBooks. Printing causes pollution.

23. eBooks are printable for your personal use.

24. Fast distribution without sales outlets and stores.

25. If you are a fan of digital reading, it replaces electronic gadget games, social media and video.

The Cons of eBooks

26. Eye strain is a major problem among digital reading while print is safe. You have to stare at a screen. 

27. Digital book piracy is common and loss to publishers and authors.

28. Battery charging is a problem for devices.

29. Digital reading may have distracted with its own online presence. So, it may reduce deep reading.

30. Device life span is less compared to that of a physical book.

31. Formatting errors can occur at any time.

32. Digital reading devices are expensive.

33. Disposal of e-waste is a problem.

34. Recycling is tougher than print books.

35. Digital reading reduces job opportunities. For example- salesman, driver, storekeeper, manager, distributor, businessman etc.

36. People still prefer to hold traditional books in their hands. Some are addicted to the smell of print books.

37. Emotional connection of deep reading and focus is more with print books.

38. Readers can draw underlines for revision.

39. Major awards and book release function goes to print book authors and publishers.

40. Print books means dealing with a real thing. It enjoys slowness and patience.

41. Print books are better than eBooks for academic and revision studies.

42. Book donation and charity is possible for physical books.

43. Your progress of reading through a print book is a feel as the upcoming pages get fewer.

44. No charger, electricity, battery, wi-fi and software update is required for print book reading.

45. A student can remember or visualise an answer page during examination.

46. Chance of higher academic achievement by a home library.

47. Physical books are capable of inducing better sleep.

48. Based on print books, children become better readers.

49. Digital device theft is a common thing but less with print books.

50. Based on the world wide sales report in 2020, print books are a more popular method than digital books.



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