Best English font for writers

 How to select a good English font typeface for online and print articles?

First of all, You should remember two major categories of font typefaces are Serif fonts and Sans Serif fonts.

Super facts of Serif fonts

1. Serif means decorative small lines or strokes that extend from letters.

2. These fonts are very familiar to our eyes because most of the print media are using this font. That means, it will give you an old print book reading feel.

3. Very stylish alphabets having curls, beautiful edges and traditional look.

4. Comfort, reliability and well acceptance.

5. Most of the devices have these old type fonts by default. No installation is required.

6. Serif fonts are not so good for online media and websites. If font size is small, then letter edges may be invisible. When we are zooming in on the online text, it will change the shape of fonts without uniformity, which leads to disturbances to our eyes.

7. Examples of Serif fonts- Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond etc. majority of newspapers and print books are with Times New Roman. If you are looking for a large font when compared to others, use Georgia. Windows platform is with Times New Roman.

About Sans Serif fonts

1. Sans means ‘without’. So, without serif is the key fact here. There are no strokes or decorations in letters.

2. Very popular typeface in digital media, online screen reading in smartphones, tabs, laptops and millions of website texts.

3. Main advantage- this will keep the uniform design both in small and large font sizes.

4. No zoom irritation to our eyes.

5. Less feel of readability in print media and books.

6. Examples of Sans Serif fonts- Arial, Verdana, Helvetica. Roboto etc. Arial font is default in Google Docs and the most widely used web safe font. Helvetica is favourite for designers. Calibri is the font for Microsoft office by default. Google android default typeface is Roboto. Google Chrome default is Noto Sans. The Mac OS typeface and Whatsapp are Helvetica. Google has their own font typefaces as Google fonts. In Noto Sans and Noto Serif typefaces you can select for different regional language fonts.


If you want to use a font typeface for print newspaper, notice board, banner or book- select Times New Roman. Georgia is also good but the number display is bad. For digital books, websites and social media try to use Arial which is pre-installed in all software systems hence no font substitution is required. also, good for SEO. Second choice is Helvetica or Roboto.



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