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Kerala Bhasha Institute proofreading/editorial assistant examination

Questions- (time 30 minutes, venue- Nalanda, Thiruvananthapuram)

1. Proof the following Malayalam passage (one page length that may have all types of mistakes including sentence structure too)

2. Proof the following sentence

(there are, about 10 Malayalam one line sentence with errors)

After the exam, selected candidates can attend the same day interview. Please note, you should have published original articles to present before the interview team. Convert any digital content into print one. Never tear off your one page or a few page article, keep it in the entire magazine or whatever it is. Don’t photocopy the material, make it as original as you can.

About Kerala Bhasha Institute (State institute of languages-SIL)-

This is an academic book publishing house located at Nalanda, Thiruvananthapuram. Established under the fourth five year plan on 11 march 1968. Slogan- 'geerna sreya' a sanskrit word and they have more than 2000 titles including university level. Information Technology, science and technology, literature, art, and folklore are the main book subjects. Also, they have Vijnana kairali magazine.

DC Books proofreader test- previous question paper- time 30 minutes. exam centre- DC Books, Kottayam.


1. Correct the given Malayalam passage. (two page wide passage which needs various types of correction)

2. Correct the given English passage

(one page length may be there)

3. Correct the following Malayalam words.

(25 words)

4. Correct the following English words.

(10 words)

Best scored candidate can attend the interview on the same day.

A few words about DC Books...

This is one of the best Malayalam book publishing houses in all subjects. First ISO certified Malayalam book publishers in Kerala. After SPCS (Sahithya pravarthaka co-operative society) job, Sri.Dominic Chacko Kizhakemuri established this DC Books in 1974. It's sister concern is Current books. They have book shops in several major cities of India as well as Gulf countries.

Previous All India Radio (Akashwani) question paper for the post of newsreader, translator, sub editor.

Examination centre- Thiruvananthapuram, duration- 3 hrs, maximum marks- 100.


1. Translate the following passage in to Malayalam(10 marks)

(Here, you have to translate about a half page English passage. Word to word translation is not good. First you go through each full sentence, then absorb the idea and convert it into beautiful Malayalam. If you are missing a correct word, never skip, select an alternative of suitable meaning)

2. Precise writing- reduce the following passage into one third of its length, without omitting main points.(10 marks)

(here, 4 short paragraphs of one page length are given, minimize each paragraph as a unit, but don’t count words!)

3. Give the expansion of the following abbreviations-(10 marks)

a. PTI

b. UNI

c. I&PRD


e. PIB


g. WHO




4. Write an essay in not more than 150 words on any one of the following subjects-(10 marks)

a. Role of media in modern society

b. Judicial activism

c. How to prevent criminalization of politics

5. Write down the meaning of the following words in Malayalam-(10 marks)

a. Authenticity

b. Approval

c. Decentralisation

d. Integrity

e. Unique

f. Contemporary

g. Prevent

h. calamity

i. evidence

6. Correct the following sentence (5 marks)

a. They worked as fast as they could.

b. That is a good house to live in.

c. He resembles his father.

d. I have no pen or pencil

e. I love my friend.

7. Answer the following questions (10 marks)

a. Name of malayali Jnanpith award winners.

b. First Malayalam film song lyricist who has got a national award for lyrics.

c. Malayali with Bharat ratna.

d. Name of Indian chief election commissioner.

e. Name of the ministry deals with the education department of India.

f. Name of the minister for the central news and broadcasting ministry?

g. Full name of Malayalam university? Name of vice chancellor?

h. Author of poetry book 'anthimahakalan'

i. In the central ministry, ministers with cabinet rank are from Kerala.

8. Write on any one subject not more than 150 words in Malayalam(10 marks)

a. ഇലക്ട്രോണിക് മാധ്യമം അച്ചടി മാധ്യമത്തിനു ദോഷമോ?

b. വന്‍ നഗരങ്ങളിലെ മാലിന്യനിക്ഷേപം

c. മലയാളം സിനിമ - ഗുണവും ദോഷവും

9. Reduce the following passage in to one third (10 marks)

(here, the passage is in Malayalam of one page length)

10. Translate the given passage from malayalam to English (15 marks) half page passage is given.

Please note- For newsreader post, winners of written test have to appear two page news reading with malayalam word clarity at Thiruvananthapuram AIR recording studio. So that, professional newsreaders from any private channel can survive well, otherwise, fresh candidates should take sufficient trials.

Malayala manorama sub editor- journalist trainee

Test time -2 hrs, Total marks- 100


1. Translate the following passage from Malayalam to English (10 marks)

2. Translate the following passage from English to Malayalam (10 marks)

3. കെ.എം. മാണിയും ജോസ് കെ. മാണിയും ഇന്നസെന്റും ഒന്നിച്ചു ട്രെയിന്‍ യാത്ര ചെയ്യുന്നു. നര്‍മ രസത്തില്‍ കഥയെഴുതുക.(15 marks)

4. കരുണാനിധി സര്‍ക്കാരിനെ കുറിച്ച് എഡിറ്റോറിയല്‍ എഴുതുക (15 marks)

5. ഭൂഗുരുത്വാകര്‍ഷണം ഇല്ലെങ്കില്‍ ഇവരുടെ(കുറച്ചു സിനിമ-രാഷ്ട്രിയ രംഗത്തുള്ളവരുടെ 5പ്രധാന വ്യക്തികള്‍ തന്നിരുന്നു) പ്രതികരണങ്ങള്‍ നര്‍മത്തില്‍ എഴുതുക (15 marks)

6. പാര എന്ന വാക്കിന്റെ നിര്‍വചനം ഇവര്‍ (5 പ്രധാന വ്യക്തികള്‍ തന്നിരുന്നു) പറയുകയാണെങ്കില്‍ (10 marks)

7. Write short notes on:

a) Swath war

b) PDP-CPM relation

c) Kerala Janata Dal split

d) Australian racism

e) Sri Lanka civil war

(മലയാളത്തില്‍ - 10 marks)

8. Write short notes on following personalities:

a) Lalit Modi

b) Dinesh Mani

c) Hafiz saeed

d) Noora Al-faiz

e) Fan kaizi (?)

f) Bin zaid (Oman?)

(മലയാളത്തില്‍- 15 marks)

Malayala manorama sub editor post is one of the popular positions in their company. This is very attractive with good salary, T.A, D.A, P.F, H.R.A, bonus, housing loans, travel concession, canteen facility, good exposure to different regions of India and abroad. Dedicated people can even absorb international awards too. Once, I wrote this examination without knowing the question paper pattern and it's preparation was a failure. So that, If any candidate is trying for the same, this memory retention based question paper will be a help. Please note that the question pattern is more important than the questions. Exam winners have to attend two interviews then verification may be there.

About Malayala manorama...

This is a reputed company registered in 1880's.

1890 March 22- newspaper once in a week,

1901 August 7 - Biweekly

1901 July 2 - Triweekly

1928 January 16 - Daily

1966 December 1 - second edition Kozhikode started.

Bhashaposhini- 1892

Manorama weekly - 1937

Manorama yearbook - 1957

Balarama - 1972

Balarama digest - 1999

Vanitha - 1975

The Week - 1982

Arogyam - 2002

Manorama online - 1997

MM TV - 2006

Web assistant previous question paper- Malayala manorama online- collected from friends- memory retention. total marks 100, time 2 hrs.


a) Selected news for online use from given samples

b) Translate the Malayalam news in to English

c) Select the photos of news value

d) Give a headline to the given story


a) A passage and picture is given. Crop it for online news


a) Translate the given English passage in to Malayalam


Write short note on:

a) SMS

b) Breaking news

c) Web portal

d) Multimedia

This manorama online website started in 1997 and it has got a number of international awards. Also, this was included in Alexa top ten ranking! They provide different channels for each category to satisfy different needs of readers, especially abroad in the Malayali digital world.

Malayala Manorama proofreader- time 1hr.

1. Proof the given Malayalam passage. (Here, the two page passage contains numerous mistakes of spelling, punctuations, without paragraphs, symbols, full stop, space, coma etc,. That means, for each and every word, there may be a chance of correction. You can make correction on question passage itself without using proofing symbols)

2. Proof the given English passage

(In the same way, it’s a difficult task!)

Successful candidates have to appear in two types of interview, then verification may be there.

Remember, manorama proofreading is fully computerised online with their own style book hence, no need of studying any style and symbols from outside. Common feature of it's newspaper is using simple words without doubling of letters and leaving Sanskrit linked Malayalam.

Malayala manorama junior clerk trainee previous question paper (memory retention), total time 2 hrs, total marks- 100

1. Index the given Malayalam passage

[For this, candidate have to find out the basic idea of this story and write down around 10 to 15 English keywords for future search finder from newspaper digital archive]

2. Expand the following:




d) NPT



g) MGP


i) ABC


3. Write 2 or 3 sentence about following personalities:

a) Palat Mohandas

b) Bhandarkar

c) Upendranath

d) Lara dath

e) U.R. Ananthamurthy

f) Samadani

g) Nandini nilekar

h) Harold pinter

4. Write correct English spelling for the given Malayalam words:

a) സൂനാമി

b) കൊളാഷ്

c) സൈക്യാട്രി

d) ഗസല്‍

e) കംബോഡിയ

f) ഫാസിസം

5. Write Malayalam meaning:

a) mahout

b) amnesia

c) alma mater

d) stampede

e) impersonation

f) power of attorney

g) plagiarism

6. Write correct English spelling of given Malayalam place names:

a) സിംബാബ്വെ

b) ന്യൂസീലാന്‍ഡ്‌

c) ചണ്ടിഗഡ്

d) വയനാട്

e) തിരുവനന്തപുരം

f) ചത്തീസ്ഗഡ്

7. Write suitable English word for the given Malayalam words:

a) ക്ഷാമബത്ത

b) ഇടക്കാലാശ്വാസം

c) വധശിക്ഷ

d) ഉരുള്‍പൊട്ടല്‍

e) യുദ്ധത്തടവുകാര്‍

f) ജൈവവൈവിധ്യം

g) നരബലി

h) പാവക്കൂത്ത്

i) വിജ്ഞാപനം

j) നാടുകടത്തല്‍

Winners have to appear for the two stage interviews and a verification there after.



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