Kerala rivers rare facts

This is a unique and rare facts about rivers of Kerala. You may have some confusion regarding many things, For example, Which is the longest river in Kerala? periyar or bharathapuzha? This following questions and answers are very important for various competitive exams like U.P.S.C, PSC, civil services and interviews etc.

01.Total number of rivers in Kerala- 44

02. How many Rivers to Arabian sea- 41

03. Rivers to east- 3

04. Which is the largest water carrying kerala River- Periyar

05. What is the present name of river 'choorni' of ancient era- Periyar

06. Length of canals to consider as river status in Kerala- over 15 km

07. National critieria for major river status- over 20,000 catchment area

08. Number of major river(maha nadi) in Kerala - zero

09. National level medium river status- 2000 to 20,000 km

10. Medium rivers of kerala- periyar, bharathapuzha, pamba, chaliyar

11. National level minor river status is less than- 2000 catchment area

12. Rivers to east- kabani, pambar, bhavani

13. Which are the tributaries of pambar- thenar, eravikulam, mayiladi

14. Name of pambar river when flow through Tamil nadu- amaravathi

15. Amaravathi is a tributory of - river kaveri

16. Pambar starts from- benmoor(devikulam,idukki)

17. River from idukki district to tamil nadu- pambar

18. Interstate river from nilgiri of western ghats- bhavanipuzha

19. River originated from Tamil nadu then flow through palakkad, returning to tamil nadu kaveri river- bhavanipuzha

20. Where is Bhavanipuzha enters tamil nadu? - kalkandiyoor

21. Shiruvani and varagar are tributaries of - bhavanipuzha river

22. River from kerala, flow through karnataka, ends in tamil nadu kaveri river -kabani river

23. Mananthavadi, panamaram, babali, valliyoorkavu are places near- kabani

24. Karapuzha water project in- kabani

25. Choornipuzha, makkipuzha and noolpuzha are joins with- kabani

26. Interstate river from wayanad- kabani

27. Banasurasagar project for - kabani

28. Kabani enters karnataka at - kalvally

29. India's largest earth dam - padinjarathara dam- at choornipuzha

30. Island formed from kabani river- kuruva island

31. Kerala's tributaries of kaveri - kabani, pambar, bhavani rivers

32. Name of hydro-electric project run by water of padinjarathara dam -kuttyadi

33. Kerala's southern most river- neyyar river

34. River originates from agasthyamala- neyyar river

35. Neyyar river enters arabian sea at- pozhiyoor

36. Crocodile conservation and wild life sactuary in - neyyar river

37. Main town near neyyar river- Neyyattinkara

38. Ancient 'vanamali' river- karamana river

39. Main city near karamana river- Thiruvananthapuram

40. Karamana river originates from – Agasthyakoodam

41. Largest tributary of karamana river- killiyar

42. Aruvikkara, peppara dam water projects are in - karamana river

43. Karamanayar reaches arabian sea at - thiruvallam

44. River flows fully through kollam district only- ithikkara river

45. Origin of vamanapuram river- chemmunjimotta of western ghat

46. Palode botanical garden near river banks of - vamanapuram river

46. Waterfall near palode botanical garden- meenmutti waterfall

47. Meenmutti waterfall at - kallada river

48. Vamanapuram river reaches- anjuthengu lake

49. Ithikkarayar joins with- paravoor lake

50. Ottackal waterfall at- kallada river

51. Kulathupuzha, chenthurunipuzha and kalthuruthipuzha are

tributaries of - kallada river

52. Kallada river tributories are from- kulathupuzhamala

53. Above 3 tributories together forms- parappar

54. Kallada river, falls in- lake ashtamudi

55. Dam thenmala in - kallada river

56. Punalur hanging bridge across - kallada river

57. Main places near achankoil river- mavelikara, konni, kulanada

58. Achankoil river starts from- pashukidamedu

59. Achankoil river, falls at - pamba river

60. Third longest river in kerala- pamba river

61. Tributaries of pamba river- pambayar, kakki, azhutha, kallar, kakkattar

62. pambayar flows from - peermedu

63. Pamba river divides in to two at - pandanadu

64. Main hydro-electric power project of pamba river- sabarigiri

65. Kerala's second largest hydro-electric power project-

sabarigiri in- pamba river

66. Moozhiyar power station of sabarigiri depends on - pamba river

67. River famous as 'dakshina bhageerathi'- pambayar

68. Chambakkulam boat race in - pamba river

69. Maramon convention near- pamba river

70. Cherukolpuzha convention - pamba river

71. Chambakulam church (built by saint Thomas) near - pamba river

72. Aranmula uthratathi boat race in - pamba river

73. River flows near mundakkayam, manimala, mallapalli- manimala river

74. Manimala river starts from - Thattamala

75. Neerettupuram boat race in - manimala river

76. Manimala river combines with pamba river at - neerettupuram

77. Poonjar, Erattupeta, pala, kottayam are nearby towns of - meenachil river

78. Meenachil river forms from - sahya mountain ranges

79. Kalathukadavar, thrukovilar, chittar together forms - meenachil river

80. Native place of Arundhathi Roy is Aymanam, near- meenachil river

81. Booker prize winning novel 'God of small things' have reference of

river -meenachil

82. Thirunakkara temple have rituals in - meenachil river

83. Thazhathangadi boat race- meenachil river

84. Thodupuzha river, kaliyar, kudayathoor river, kothmangalam river

together forms- muvattupuzha river

85. A river with name combination of puzha and river- muvattupuzhayar

86. Target of muvattupuzha river- lake vembanadu

87. Target of meenachil river- lake vembanadu

88. Moolamattam power station releases water flow to -

kudayathoor river → thodupuzha river → muvattupuzha river

89. The only one river in kerala with full flow of water

even in hot summer- muvattupuzha river

Why? Because, moolamattom hydro electric project releases water to river.

90. Malankara dam at muttam in - Thodupuzha river

91. Piravom church near- muvattupuzha river

92. Ooramana, velloorkunnam, pazhoor, ramamangalam temples

are near- muvattupuzha river.

93. River having top number of dams- periyar

94. Maximum electricity providing river in kerala- periyar

95. Kerala's longest river- periyar (244 km)

96. Kerala's ganga- periyar

97. Aluvapuzha- periyar

98. Kerala's ancient places like thrikkakkara, thiruvanchikkulam,

thrikkariyoor are near- periyar

99. Malayattur church, kalady near- periyar

100. Periyar origin- shivagiri

101. First river combines with periyar - mullayar

102. Idukki dam situated where periyar combines with- cheruthoni river

103. Muthirapuzha river and edamala river are tributaries of - periyar

104. Pallivasal hydro-electric project in- muthirapuzha river

105. Chenkulam dam- muthirapuzha river

106. Kallarkutti dam- muthirapuzha river

107. Anayirankal dam- muthirapuzha river

108. Ponmudi dam- muthirapuzha river

109. Neryamangalam hydro-electric project- muthirapuzha river

110. Paniyar project- muthirapuzha river

111. Lower periyar dam in - periyar river

112. Bhoothathankettu dam in - periyar river

113. Periyar river divides in to mangalapuzha and marthandapuzha at- aluva

114. Marthandapuzha→ varapuzha lake

115. Mangalapuzha→ chalakudi river

116. FACT near - periyar river

117. Travancore cochin chemicals near - periyar

118. Parambikulam river is tributary of- chalakudi river

119. Anakkayam river is tributary of- chalakkudi river

120. Sholayar river is tributary of - chalakkudi river

121. Above 3 tributories of chalakkudi river from- Anamala

122. Peringalkuthu project with- chalakkudi river

123. Place of joining chalakkudi river and periyar - puthenvelikara

124. Athirapalli-vazhachal waterfall in - chalakkudi river

125. Tributaries of chalakkudi river from tamil nadu- sholayar, parambikulam

126. Kurumalipuzha and manalipuzha forms- karuvannur puzha

127. Kanolipuzha is a small part of -karuvannur puzha

128. Main town near karuvannur puzha- Thrissur

129. Peechi dam built across- manalipuzha

130. Chimmini dam in- karuvannur puzha

131. Mupli dam across- karuvannur puzha

132. Kecheri river from - machattumala

133. River flows near vadakkanchery - kecheri river

134. Vadakkanchery puzha= kecheri river

135. Aloorpuzha= kecheri river

136. Vazhani dam in - kecheri river

137. Kerala's second largest river- bharathapuzha(209 km)

138. Nila and perar are other names of - bharathapuzha

139. Kannadipuzha is a tributary of -bharathapuzha

140. Gayathripuzha is a tributary of -bharathapuzha

141. Kalpathipuzha is a tributary of -bharathapuzha

142. Thoothupuzha is a tributary of -bharathapuzha

143. Malambuzha is a tributary of -bharathapuzha

144. Kannadipuzha=chitoorpuzha

145. Origin of gayathipuzha – anamala

146. Uppar dam in - kannadipuzha

147. Origin of thoothupuzha - silent valley

148. Malabar cement factory near - valayar river

149. Proposed dam project of silent valley was in - kunthipuzha

150. 'Mamankam' was near – bharathapuzha

151. Kerala's least polluted river- kunthipuzha

152. Towns near bharathapuzha- ottapalam, shornur, kuttipuram,

ponnani, palakkad

153. Kerala kalamandalam near - bharathapuzha river

154. Kalpathi temple near- bharathapuzha

155. Vallilapuzha=tirurpuzha river

156. Kerala's largest flood causing river - kadalundi river

157. River helps in timber transportation to kallayi and ponnani- kadalundy river

158. Malappuram and thirurangadi near- kadalundy river

159. Mangalam dam in- gayathripuzha river

160. Meenkara dam in - gayathripuzha river

161. Beypore puzha=chaliyar river

162. Origin of chaliyar - ilambaneri hills of tamil nadu

163. Pandiyar is a tributary of - chaliyar

164. Cherupuzha is a tributary of - chaliyar

165. Gold reserve seen in the river sand of - chaliyar

166. Factory polluted chaliyar river- mavoor gwalior rayons

167. Origin of kallayi river- cherukulathoor

168. Timber transportation through water is famous- kallayi river

169. In brahmin society, excommunication(bhrashtu) when people

move to beyond north side of -korappuzha

170. Kottapuzha=kuttiyadi river

171. Moorad puzha=kuttiyadi river

172. First hydro-electric project of malabar region in -kuttiyadi river

173. M.Mukundan's novels have reference of -mayyazhipuzha river

174. English channel=mayyazhipuzha river

175. Ponniyampuzha=thalasseri river

176. Origin of thalasseri river- kannothu reserve forest

177. Koodalipuzha=thalasseri river

178. Pazhassi dam in- valapattanam river

179. Valapattanam river and kuppam river forms estuary at- azhikode

180. Parassinikadavu muthappa temple near- valapattanam river

181. Origin of valapattanam river- brahmagiri (karnataka)

182. Aralam river is a tributary of - valapattanam river

183. Origin of kuppam river- coorg

184. Origin of anjarakandi river- kannothu reserve forest

185. Dharmadam island formed by - anjarakandi river

186. In ancient era, a river was directly to sea but,

now it is deviated- neeleshwaram river

187. Ancient places kolathunadu and thulunadu

have a boundary- chandragiri river

188. River flows near kasargod town- chandragiri river

189. Origin of mogral river- kanathur hill ranges

190. Origin of chandragiri river- karnataka

191. Origin of uppala river- karnataka

192. Origin of shiriya river- karnataka

193. Kerala's smallest river- manjeshwaram river

194. Kuttanadu is famous as gift of -pamba river

195. River flows through nilambur teak forest - chaliyar

196. Poonthenaruvi waterfall from - pamba river

197. Kerala's district having top number of river flow- kasargod

198. Kuruva island in- kabani river

199. Longest river flows through kerala- bharathapuzha

200. Longest river flows inside kerala only- periyar

201. Kerala's north most river- manjeshwaram river