How to improve competitive exam skills?

 This is specially designed for job searching candidates.

In majority of the competitive examinations, General knowledge(G.K) is a major

part to score better rank but that is a wide subject. Questions can be asked

from anywhere with different types of easy-moderate-tough level topics. To

win the race, you should prepare scientifically within a short time.

Some general guidelines for all competitive exams:

1. At the time of studying questions with multiple choice answers,

NEVER try guesswork. Even if you re-write with correct answer,

some remains of false attempt may be there in your memory. While

searching for a spark in connection with answer, such impression

can make trouble in the exam hall. So that, first of all, look at the

given answer key and leave the choice to grasp well.

2. English is the best language medium for state-national-international

competitive examinations. It's not a good thing with regional

language study materials.

3. A single book guide can't cover deep discussions on each topic

given in the table of contents. So, well packed knowledge of single

subject from single source together will be better than surfing of

mixed loose content of various books.

4. While answering at the exam hall, don't answer without a multiple

choice of fifty-fifty chance. That means, because of usual negative

mark system for wrong answers, you can attempt where maximum

battle of two answer choice.

5. Keep a time factor for completing the exam. Better you fix a half-

time and then adjust the speed of second half answering.

Answer from easy questions to average, then to hard core by

suitable skipping. Always expect the unexpected types hence, don't

fight with a single question or one part of question paper.

6. Don't take junk/spicy food. Follow a healthy balanced diet. For a

clear mind set up, say 'good bye' or interval to bad habits!

7. Locate the easy route to exam centre with Google map/friends.

Reach the exam hall atleast half an hour before commencing the

test without the tension of late coming.

8. Don't be desperate with a single test of bad performance. Take it as

an experience towards the success steps.

9. You should be optimistic. Recharge mind with faith in GOD.

10. Make a chart or paper sticker having your future target when you

succeed in such competitions. This vision plan should place in front of your study

table and that depends on you. Some popular examples- solving

debt, buying a car, flat, villa, house construction, foreign trip,

electronic gadgets like cell phone/TV/Laptop, society status, better

marriage proposals....or whatever you like.

11. We can classify job seeking candidates are of two types- active and

passive. I'm sure, an active one can reach the goal within two years

of serious study. Passive students will reach the victory as late or

never! So, What about you? Are you ready to race? shift to top gear

and press accelerator...

12. Keep in mind that, all the study portions are important because

some questions of last grade exam is repeating in civil service exam


13. During sleep, your newly studied data are processing in the brain

for long term memory. So that, follow 'mind fasting' of 12 hrs. before

exam in which 7-8 hrs of good sleep is helpful. NEVER study after

sleep because at the time of test, fresh memory can score well.

14. If you get one job, that is not the final word in your career. Try for

the next higher job.



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