Why digital eBooks are eco-friendly?

Digital ebooks are eco-friendly! Why?

You just look at this data and then decide your best reading option whether Malayalam ebook or print book.

One book causes approx. 4.5 kg of CO2 emission against our planet. But, As a whole, one book can supply around 34 kg of CO2 because, there are several steps in it's life cycle like- tree felling, transportation, paper production, printing, use of machines, binding, wasting etc,.

Have you heard a slogan "A ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees"? So that, one ton of newsprint is cutting nearly 12 trees. At the same time, 24 trees are needed for making one ton of quality paper like book paper or office paper.

At the end of a printed book, it generates methane-carbon emission during degradation. Normally, books of old stock may be moved to recycling but majority will move to fire. 

In Canada, production of around 50 million books can add 50,000 metric ton of carbon dioxide annually. This is a basic lesson that tree absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. An average tree can use around 7.5 to 13 kg per year. In other words, one acre of forest tree stores about 2.6 ton annually.

Re-cycling of paper is a good attempt. Anyhow, even in the developed country like USA, only 5 to 10 percent of recycling is there. That means, print books that are strongly depends on new tree felling.

Have you got the idea? So, you can stick on Malayalam ebook, OK?