This malayalamplus.com website is a great hard work from the author Binoy Thomas by the grace of GOD, huge investment of time, dedication and sacrifice. At the beginning around 2010, he started a blog with blogger from google but Malayalam font errors were common. He had taken several trial run with different types of ISM and unicode fonts. As you know, print books are beautiful with ism font meanwhile, not so good for internet sharing. Now, site runs on unicode font.

Hobby of this author is reading and writing. he started this hobby from childhood itself. 1980's and 90's were very good at children's publication like Poombatta, Balarama, Balabhoomi, Balamangalam, Ureka, Kuttikalude Deepika, Amarchitrakadha, Paico classics...

Binoy Thomas- native place near Ettumanoor from Kottayam district(Kerala, India). He earned MSc. medical biochemistry, diploma in yoga and PGDCA. Now, working as a yoga teacher in a private school.  

Unique features of this website-

1. All eBooks are free!

2. PDF books for correct Malayalam display.  

3. Each single book explains one idea mainly for the better application level in practical life.

4. Website propagates love, goodness, peace, harmony and happiness for making life better.

5. This project strengthens Malayalam language.

6.  Site can boost up reading and writing hobby.


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