1. How to make Malayalam eBooks?

Some simple steps to make digital eBook Malayalam online free in PDF format:
   Firstly open your MS-Word then go to page layout menu then by clicking margins and size, 6x8 inch size is good. Next, open the insert menu, here you can add picture insertion in the 'picture' clicking. One thing you should remember, don't upload large sized photo as book cover because loading of book page may take more time that may cause skipping of page viewers. Header can include page number in the right top position. Also, in the footer, we can add website name or book/chapter name. Page number style can be select as near button. In the home menu bar, click the paragraph button and select 'justified' text. then 0.5 or 0.7 cm as paragraph indent. It's preview can check, then OK.
For installing unicode Malayalam free font, go to smc website and download your favorite font. Then move to Google input tools website for downloading transliteration keyboard. One other website is Microsoft indic language input tools for the same. But Google is more better to use. 
Now, you can type by using phonetic keyboard or inscript typing with Google tool. In the phonetic manglish way of typing, ZWJ (zero width joiner) key means to join Malayalam characters while, ZWNJ key means to display separate Malayalam characters.
Next step is to save MS-Word file and export it into PDF file. PDF reader can be free download from Google play store- App section. After checking once more, you can publish.
Please note that your digital eBook Malayalam free PDF must have copywright page, contents page with chapter showing page number, biography page and preface page.

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